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What the world of travel looks like post Covid

Since talks of covid surfaced globally and as countries introduced travel restrictions, small businesses, eateries and hoteliers have suffered a solid punch to the gut as the travel industry came to a firm halt. With a 96% decrease in leisure travel, the repercussions have hit home directly to communities part of the eco-tourism chain. Family owned businesses have closed and small host communities have suffered from financial socio-economic impact.

How has our planet thrived during covid?

From an alternate perspective, environmentally there has been some solace as we have witnessed positive manifestation of our planet thriving ecologically. A momentary pause as over-crowded small towns recuperate from over tourism. A break in increased construction and infrastructure. Land resources and biodiversity thriving as we witness the wild come to life without the threat of air noise and waste pollution.

Finding the peace between travel and our planet:

The harmonious balance of positive social impact and ecological nourishment sparks truth to pursue and practice a better way to travel. A viral pandemic will never be the key to reversing the impact of climate change but rather serve us as a reminder that a much needed halt was due to spark change in the travel industry. To be more responsible as Earth's inhabitants to protect our planet environmentally and socially. Sustainability should be at the forefront of decision making with travel.

Why VOGO is the answer to practice a better travel model

VOGO actively incorporates positive impact decisions on each trip such as working with local vegetable farmers, preserving cultural heritage with indigenous interaction, partnering with small businesses, avoiding chain hotels instead only committing to working with small boutique hotels and lodges that have a positive ecological impact on the environment and above all VOGO is reducing carbon emissions by being the leading tour operator in the UK to focus purely on vegan and vegetarian food on all our tours.

What next?

Low-impact tourism is here to stay and as travellers we have the power to be conscious of our choices by making smarter travel decisions to help, not hinder the natural world. As long as we exist VOGO can and will continue to demonstrate sustainability and ethical driven tour practices.

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