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Are you a sustainable traveller?

Step 1 - Being Ecological

Be holistic by leaving nothing but footprints, its easy to conserve and protect the environment, maintain the flora and fauna and be mindful of the surrounding landscapes.

Step 2 - Being Social

When it comes to culinary experiences, exploring local markets and dining at smaller family owned restaurants is authentic. It's more rewarding to tantalise your buds from authentic dishes whilst respecting tradition, religion, customs, heritage, respecting cultural events and supporting community projects.

Step 3 - Minimising pollution

There are several factors pollution is monitored, through noise, waste disposal, congestion and one of the most biggest culprits - mass tourist destinations. With VOGO we love unique destinations, places that are less travelled and we will always promote these places to boost the economy in respective destinations.

Step 4 - Thinking Locally

Avoiding supporting mass produced off shore bigger chain stores for everything from souvenirs to food. Instead opting for locally crafted souvenirs in smaller boutiques. This option is almost always sustainable, and likely to hear the story of the craftsmanship with the maker directly besides you're more likely to come across ceramics, textiles and arts from smaller establishments and in turn the beneficiaries you're supporting will be the individuals and livelihood of small vendors.

VOGO local and sustainable travel

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