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How we can make a difference together on Earthday

The first earth day was held in 1970 when millions of people around the world hit the streets to make a stand for environmental change. ⁣⁣Today, with 193 countries participating, earth day is the largest civic event in the world. ⁣⁣Quick easy switches we can do to get involved and help protect the environment is:

  • Reduce waste, recycle and reuse

  • Put a stop to single use plastic

  • Use bamboo toothbrushes

  • Ditch straws altogether

  • Use reusable coffee cups

Although these incremental changes do make a difference if we all adopted these small habits, the reality is there is a much bigger elephant in the room.

As you finish read this each year acres of land across our planet is being cleared and billions of trees are being cut down to make space for animal agriculture. Infact, animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of clearing the Amazon rainforest. It's even possible that animals that have been raised on pastures have come from deforested land. The question we can ask ourselves is are we contributing to this issue? To change this, the single biggest impact we can have on our planet and to battle the stop to deforestation is by reducing your meat intake, even better switching to a vegetarian or a vegan diet.

Deforestation is a top concern of ours and this is why we want to introduce our social responsibility ethics, we are change-makers who refuse to settle with avoiding single use plastic. We believe in going beyond net zero and paving the way for you eco-warrriors and pioneer a mindway of travelling. It means doing more than just offsetting carbon emissions. We’re committed to providing an environmental benefit two fold firstly by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. How are we doing this? Simple, carbon sequestration in the form of planting trees. We are committed to reforestation for cleaner air, and a wilder UK by pledging to plant trees in our own woodland grove. This is why we pledge to plant:

  • A tree for each traveller on our trips

  • A tree for your birthday

  • and trees as gifts and donations.

But we can't stop there our purpose aligns with our product and ultimately the single biggest difference we can make on this planet is to stop eating meat altogether. VOGO exists to make that journey easier when it comes to tourism. So on all of our trips we have gone leaps and bounds to ensure high quality authentic vegan or vegetarian food is included x3 times a day every single day on all of our trips.

Earthday exists to (gently) remind us all that the planet needs our help. We’re ready and more motivated than ever to make tourism easier for vegans, vegetarians or anyone that genuinely wants to make a difference to our planet. Want to join us?


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