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3 Simple reasons why ethical travel is important

For the animals

As humans we have a duty to protect and promote animals in their natural habitat.

VOGO believes in the simple philosophy of having a rich travel experience by keeping animals off the plate, avoiding fish markets, street side meat vendors, saying no to animal rides and establishments where animals are used for entertainment.

For the environment

It’s no secret how damaging animal agriculture has proven to be for our planet. Growing crops to feed people rather than animals uses less land, water and other resources. The amount of land needed to produce food for someone following a typical meat-based diet could feed two and half vegetarians, or five vegans. The smallest, effective change we can do as individuals is to reduce our animal consumption or switch to a plant-based diet. To help encourage this move trips with VOGO will all be vegan or vegetarian.

For the people

One of the best ways to help communities in the destinations we travel to is to support local and support small. VOGO advocates this by carefully choosing to stay in small locally owned boutique hotels. We have done the prep work for our trips we’re attuned to local culture and are advocates of authentic immersive experiences to directly impact the community in a positive way so we offer visits to local artisans, support women cab drivers and promote female farmers.



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