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A lost world without wildlife

Celebrating World Wildlife Day the reality of #WorldWithoutNature

Picture living in a world without hearing the sound of a birdsong, witnessing the grace of majestic big cats, or without swimming in the presence of colourful fish? It would be a dull unimaginable planet.

Several dozen nature group organisations across the globe have removed the 'wild' element from their logos to demonstrate just that. For the first time in 60 years The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s iconic panda logo has disappeared to send a stark message.

"Our iconic logo has disappeared from our website homepage and social media profile photos today, World Wildlife Day, to symbolically demonstrate that too many species are vanishing from the planet itself. According to WWF’s 2020 Living Planet Report, wildlife populations have declined by 68% in the last 40 years. 2021 is a critical year for nature. This campaign demonstrates those animals that we love — like the panda — are at risk if we don’t act now.”

A #WorldWithoutNature, raising awareness to highlight how important nature is in everyday life and the risks that a loss of biodiversity poses across the planet.

"We are part of and not separate from the natural world- we depend upon it for our very existence. A healthy ecosystem provides us with many benefits – and ecosystems suffer as different animal and plant species become extinct." - Jane Goodall

Our impact is profound, we have finite resources and the land and seas are a critical ally to reduce carbon in the atmosphere - the more diverse this is, the better it does that job. If we continue to deplete the earth's resources and ecosystems we are at risk of accelerating the climate crisis.

Instead of wildlife ending up in the pages of our history archives, let's honour, conserve and appreciate our wildlife by taking the right action for the planet. Here's just a handful of steps we take on our tours which positively impacts our planet and its wildlife:

No animal rides

We celebrate wildlife in their own habitat Work with animal sanctuaries and promote aquatic Hope Spots

No animals on our plates

No animal exploitation

Discover more on each trip here and join our tour to discover ethical touring:


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