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Green Food Experiences featured in Wanderlust Magazine

Sustainable columnist Holly Tuppen explores a journey of Green Food Experiences. She writes about a ten day Kerala trip with VOGO Tours. Allow us to unveil a new facet of this captivating region where we believe this will leave an indelible imprint on your heart and soul.

This extraordinary ten day Kerala trip immerses visitors in the beauty and cultural richness of the region, unveiling the serene backwaters, verdant landscapes, and sun-kissed beaches that define Kerala's allure. Start this journey by exploring the city of Kochi, make a difference with humanitarian projects in the village of Chendamangalam who's core mission is to eradicate poverty in rural areas through teaching skills like organic farming and handicrafts to locals. You'll learn about this women’s self-help group empowered to promote gender equity and communal harmony through self-sustainability. Next you'll ascend to the ethereal hill station of Munnar, where panoramic vistas of tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, and exotic wildlife await. Continue to Thekkady, it beckons wildlife enthusiasts, offering an enthralling encounter with the famed Periyar National Park and a majestic boat ride on the shimmering waters of Periyar Lake.

Animal Welfare at Periyar National Park with VOGO

Indulge in the blissful serenity of Alleppey, where you'll embark on an unforgettable houseboat journey through the legendary backwaters. Drift along this idyllic network of canals, gaining glimpses into the everyday life of the locals and relishing the picturesque vistas that surround you.

Founder Harika Parmar set up VOGO Tours ( to provide trips across India that are kinder to the planet. It does this by avoiding all unethical wildlife interactions and serving only vegetarian or vegan meals. A ten-day Kerala adventure includes a Sadhya cooking demonstration and feast in Kochi, a spice plantation tour and a hands-on organic farm experience on the beaches of Marari. - Holly Tuppen, writer, wanderlust mag

Throughout your expedition, immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Kerala's culture. Delight in captivating performances of traditional dance forms like Kathakali, savor the flavors of authentic vegan and vegetarian Keralan cuisine, and luxuriate in the revitalizing embrace of Ayurvedic spa treatments.

Ayurveda with VOGO Tours in Kerala India

Every accommodation on this remarkable journey has been thoughtfully curated. For instance, in Kumarakom, you will be welcomed by The Coconut Lagoon Coconut—an eco-lodge accessible only by boat, gliding through tranquil waterways adorned with wildflowers. This sustainable haven, adorned with thatched roofs and furnished with locally sourced materials, evokes a sense of harmony with the surroundings, where linen, rough-woven cotton, and natural fabrics create a haven of serenity.

Green Food Experiences VOGO Tours featured in Wanderlust Magazine

At The Earth Coconut Lagoon, relish the pleasure of a private lakeside pool and a traditional Ayurvedic spa, beckoning you to embrace herbal massages and rejuvenating therapies that revive the spirit.

Read all about this captivating journey through Kerala, where we look forward to welcoming you.

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