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Why Ethiopia should be on every vegan and vegetarian's travel list

The bewildering fascinating land of Ethiopia is waiting to be discovered. Picture untouched unique and sacred landscapes like no other.

Each year in April Ethiopia celebrates Lent during which the majority of the country give up meat and embrace a vegan diet, though this may be impossible to imagine for an African nation it's truly incredible to be a part of. The dishes are colourful, hearty masterpieces of aromatic yellow lentil curries and vivid green vegetables all neatly presented on a soft spongy sourdough flatbread called Injera. A complimentary combination that harmoniously just belongs at your fingertips.

Design your vegan culinary journey through Ethiopia
Design your vegan culinary journey through Ethiopia

Exploring Ethiopia with a knowledgeable guide is key, an expert that is born and bought up in Ethiopia that knows the lay of the land like no other. A guide that is attuned to the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and most importantly a guide that is able to quickly adapt to the ever-changing flow of any travel itinerary.

So when you are in the depths of the Ethiopian mountainous highlands trying to spot wolves or in the arid desert looking beyond as far as your eyes can see, only with VOGO you will never have to worry about what's on the menu.

We don't just stop there, with every trip we custom design for you we only practice sustainable Eco tourism where we add in philanthropic activities to give back to the local communities, so whilst you're on your vegan adventure in Ethiopia with VOGO, opt to visit local coffee plantations helping with irrigation or swing by a grain farm to give a lending hand to the local crop growers.

Design your vegan journey through Ethiopia

Your Ethiopian journey starts here with VOGO where you are the sole primary focus, choose from a tried and tested vegan Ethiopian trip or simply tell us your preferences and let us design your custom vegan or vegetarian Ethiopian adventure.

Besides, where else can you feast on a vegan lunch with the tribes of Southern Ethiopia?


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This has been a dream bucket list place for so many years for hubby and I. We can finally say you're making our dream come true VOGO tours. We couldn't be more excited and we look forward to travelling to Ethiopia with you folks and not worry at all about vegan food. With love from the Neville family, Massachusetts

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